Sweet potatoes are a great source of energy

Due to the content of carbohydrates and fiber are sweet potatoes an excellent source of energy. Also contain some of the b vitamins, and those involved in its creation. In that case, if the body has too little, we feel fatigue, malaise. B vitamins support the concentration, acts against stress and cope with insomnia. From sweet potatoes, so you can avoid these problems.

Add antioxidants and a sweet potato

When you try to slow down the aging process plays a role and our resistance against the harmful effects of free radicals. Because sweet potatoes are the most important source of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, E and betacaroten – you can help the body and their consumption. Due to the significant content in betacaroten sweet potatoes also protects the skin from harmful sun rays. Also involved in repairing damaged cells. Tip: See why we are so important antioxidants. Sweet potatoes and nutritional values: 100g sweet potatoes includes: 20.1 g of carbohydrates, 1.6 g of protein and 3g of fiber. http://nobonura.info/

Prepare red and white sweet potatoes

Pull can two types of sweet potatoes – red or white. The difference can be seen at first glance. Have red skin and orange, white, slightly yellowish. In any case, however, we are talking about healthy wheat, which is not only foreign, but also in our kitchen. You can boil, bake, fry and in soup, and everything to meet your needs. The easiest way to adjust cut into strips, olive oil, sprinkle with herbs and leave to bake in the oven. Feel free to add even something stronger, to get the contrasting sweet – spicy taste. Sweet potatoes  baked good, for example, and jogurt – garlic and cheese, you can sprinkle with cheese. Parmesan cheese can be obtained even in restaurants, where not only applications but also individual dishes.

Sweet potatoes have less calories and more vitamins. Not, but too hot. Sweet potatoes have more vitamins and less calories, so is ideal for cooking a healthy diet. However, one should not even regular potatoes, especially if you have deep pockets. Because they are cheaper, and contain lots of good elements. Sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes your diet and take more vitamin D3 photos in the gallery. This debate has been ongoing for many years: sweet or regular potatoes? Which is better and more beneficial for our health?

Look under the skin of the potato

We will show you specific numbers for individual folders so that you can make a drawing yourself. In recent years, got the sweet potatoes (not normal) as a super-duper, especially among athletes. In numerous publications remember them leading athletes and show its advantages. I personally have my athletes I also recommend, but super-duper I would not describe that.

It is important to emphasize that healthy and unhealthy, but two healthy foods. Like regular potatoes, sweet, fragrant, large, healthy and part of the culture in many countries. One or the other are nutritious foods rich in energy, their history of cultivation and consumption of care for thousands of years. Started in Central and South America and from there began to spread around the world.

There are about four thousand varieties of potatoes and about five thousand species of sweet potato. Of course, in supermarkets appears only a few of the most well-known types. For example, some fast-foody require special varieties for the production which are slightly reddish, after they are brittle, crispy and the inside soft. Most people in North America, Western Europe and Australia eat the potato only as a complement to meat dishes, but in a less healthy appearance in the form of fries or chips

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