Sweet potatoes and health

full of antioxidants and minerals. Sweet potatoes are important sources of antioxidants, such as vitamin C, E and betacaroten… Sweet potatoes or sweet potatoes more and more get our food. If you haven its charms, we offer you some of the reasons which will definitely please you. Sweet potatoes native to South America, where the Indians ate abundantly. Came to Europe only in the 16th. century. Compared with conventional potatoes as a neat interesting and have much better benefits, although are characterized by high values of calories. Sweet potatoes suitable to use with the peel, as it contains many nutrients.

Sweet potatoes as a source of vitamins and minerals

Already a moderately large potatoes can cover the recommended daily dose of vitamin A, partly, vitamin c and B6. In addition, they contain significant amounts of vitamin B5 and manganese. In sweet potatoes, as well as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorus.

Provide carbs that do not cause growth sugar

High glycemic index classic, white potatoes, which means that their carbohydrates are quickly converted into sugar and increase its concentration in the blood. Sweet potatoes are quite better. Their glycemic index is lower, and according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, blood a quick rise in blood sugar. Sweet potatoes can help you maintain healthy levels of blood sugar, and even diabetes.

Sweet potatoes literally win for eyes

Anything that contains beta-carotene, this is good for our vision confirms that vitamin a deficiency causes damage to resulting in deteriorating eyesight. Sweet potatoes contain large amounts of antioxidants, vitamins c and E, which operate on the eyes is positively, and can prevent damage.

It may be clever and wire the system

One medium large sweet potatoes with the skin contains 4-6 grams of fiber. It’s not the high fiber content of the plants, but their advantage is the simple preparation and the versatility (can be used as a garnish and as a separate dish). The U.S. national Institute of medicine provides the recommended daily intake of fiber for men, with an area of sq m 30-38 grams and women 21-25 grams. From sweet potatoes, so easy, at least partially served the recommended dose, and you will be able to avoid and digestive problems.

May reduce the risk of cancer

According to research at Harvard University, fat-soluble vegetable dye beta-carotene young men to provide protection from prostate cancer. Meanwhile, a Japanese study showed that beta-carotene may reduce the risk of colon cancer. And from all the selected vegetables and fruits can boast of its high content of only sweet potatoes. In women during menopause reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.

You recommend with high blood pressure

To reduce high blood pressure plays an important role of a diet rich in potassium. This largely include sweet potatoes.

Strengthen the immune system

Harmful free radicals we lurk at every turn. If they depends on the immunity of the body. The immune system can be strengthened and consumption sweet potatoes, which are the source of important antioxidants: vitamin C, E, betacaroten and others.

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